Under the weather

Right now, I’m seating at a desk inside my Mom’s office without any music playing in the background. The scent of the rain feels nostalgic of the days I would lay on a hammock in our ancestral house, counting the rain drops as they fall down the window. 10 or more years later, I am sitting with my hair tied up with bangs (again) and sipping miso soup on an adult mug. How time passes us by so quickly I don’t know.

I woke-up with the worst feeling in my throat. It’s quite ironic. My throat almost always hurts whenever I wasn’t able to say anything correctly. If I say something and mean the other (or the exact opposite… Yes, I am a  huge tsundere in front of the boy I like.), my throat is certainly going to act up the next day. Yesterday, I was afraid and hesitant to say the things I wanted to. Boom. Today, I got a sore throat. Nasty little tripper.

Life still has little surprises for me and when we reached to McDo’s drive thru, children were serving the customers (with adult supervision, of course). So adorable! And remembered that I actually purchased these beautiful pair of boots a week ago and haven’t worn them in yet. I went to the school’s guidance office and received plenty of praises from the counselor. Thankfully, she was nice enough to accommodate me and we spoke about how good I’m doing so far. It’s nice to receive recognition every once in a while. I must continue seeing the positive in life!

My friends and I were looking for a breakfast place at the mall earlier and realised that we probably came to the wrong place until Matt suggested we eat at Max’s(?). It was surprisingly okay. I don’t get to eat Filipino food much but it’s a delight to do so every time I do.

I’ve downloaded a couple of psychological thrillers and horror movies. I texted Ato earlier and he probably didn’t get my message right. I told him that we should watch It sometime. And he said yes and to look for the best showing time. *grumble, grumble* I brought my laptop earlier to Hunter’s place and told him we were going to watch It. I didn’t tell him the synopsis and when we got to the tense parts, he threw a blanket over his face and threatened me that if I don’t stop the movie right now, he’ll call 117 or the PNP.

Naturally, I just rolled my eyes. To both of them.

What is it with the boys I know and their aversion to horror movies? Geez.

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